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LA Dodgers v San Francisco
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17:30 Made in Denmark
Made in Denmark
Outright Winner (Incl Opt 1932) Outright Winner (Incl Opt 1931) Top 5 Finish (Incl Opt 1934) Top 5 Finish (Incl Opt 1935) Leader After 1st Round (Incl Opt 1936) Leader After 1st Round (Incl Opt 1935)
18:10 Made in Denmark
Rd 1-Horsey/Bjerregaard/Fisher
3 Ball betting
18:20 Made in Denmark
Rd 1-Clarke/Pieters/Sullivan
3 Ball betting
18:30 Made in Denmark
Rd 1-Karlsson/Bjorn/Kaymer
3 Ball betting
18:40 Made in Denmark
Rd 1-Rumford/Donaldson/Ramsay
3 Ball betting