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04:48 World Cup Rugby
South Africa v USA
Head to Head-Live betting Points Start Winning Team & Margin Winning Team & Margin (2) Half/Full Time Double Jersey Number of 1st Try Scorer 1st Try Scorer 1st Try Scorer-2nd Half Last Try Scorer Alternate Points Start Points Start High Points Start Low GAME PACK-1st Score/Tot Pts/Pts Start 1st Stoppage in Play 1st Scoring Play 1st Place Kick at Goal 1st Team to Score a Try 1st Team to Score Time of 1st Try Halftime Points Start Halftime Margin 1st Stoppage in Play-2nd Half 1st Scoring Play-2nd Half 1st Place Kick at Goal-2nd Half 1st Team to Score a Try-2nd Half 1st Team to Score Last Scoring Play Time of LAST Try Highest Scoring Half Total Number of Tries SOUTH AFRICA-Total Number of Tries USA-Total Number of Tries Total Combined Points Total Combined Points-1st Half SOUTH AFRICA-Total Points USA-Total Points Winning Margin Spread Exact Winning Margin To Score a Try-SOUTH AFRICA To Score a Try-USA SOUTH AFRICA-1st Try Scorer USA-1st Try Scorer Halftime Pts Start/Full Time Pts Start Points Start/Total Combined Pts Double S African Outside Back to Score 1st Try
U21s Football
U21-Serbia v Andorra
World Grand Prix
WGP-Thornton v Pipe
07:06 USA Baseball
2015 MLB Season
American League Pennant Winner National League Pennant Winner
07:16 World Grand Prix
2015 World Grand Prix
Outright Winner
Rugby and League
Rugby & League Pools