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13:30 NHL
Chicago v Calgary
Head to Head Total Combined Goals Goal Start
13:30 NFL
Denver v Houston
Head to Head-Live betting Total Combined Points Points Start Winning Team & Margin Winning Team & Margin (6pt) Half/Full Time Double Points Start/Total Combined Pts Double 1st Touchdown Scorer Last Touchdown Scorer 1st Scoring Play 1st Scoring Play-2nd Half 1st Team to 10 Points Winner-1st Quarter Points Start-1st Quarter Touchdown Scorer & Win Special Touchdown Scorer & Win Special
19:00 Pakistan v West Indies
Pakistan v W Indies-2nd Test
Head to Head Next Wicket R Chase 2nd Innings Runs J Blackwood 2nd Innings Runs
19:00 2016 Meo Rip Curl
SF H2-Coffin/Smith
Head to Head
19:00 2016 Meo Rip Curl
SF H1-Andino/Florence
Head to Head