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Watch&Bet Racing Information

Watch&Bet Racing allows you to watch both of our Racing TV channels, as you bet on All of the Live content from both channels is available for viewing via the mainsite using your computer, iPad and iPhone and Android version 4.4 and above. 

Watch&Bet Racing is available from the sub-menu of's Racing section. To view Watch&Bet:

  • You must be logged in to your TAB account, 
  • Have a positive account balance, and 
  • Be viewing Watch&Bet from within New Zealand.

Watch&Bet Racing is available on any computer with the latest internet browser installed, as well as iPads and iPhones. Android devices are currently not supported.  

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Watch&Bet Racing FAQs

I'd rather watch TAB TV on Watch&Bet Racing instead of Trackside. Can I?

Yes, simply use the buttons on the Watch&Bet Racing page to switch between TAB Trackside 1 and TAB Trackside 2.

I'd like to place a multi-leg bet (this is a bet that spans more than one race like a Pick6, Place6, Quaddie, Treble or Double). Where do I go to do that?

Just use the drop down menu on the betslip, click on the multi-leg bet type in the "Next 5 to go" section, or use the buttons at the top of the betslip.

Can I have more than one browser open with the stream playing?

Yes when using your laptop or desktop. If you're on an iPad or iPhone, as soon as you open a new tab, the stream will stop, as it's only available in one active page at a time.

What is the current delay with betting closing on Watch&Bet Racing?

A race is closed for betting just before the start of each race. There is occasionally a delay in pushing this information through to our digital and broadcasting channels, but usually it is instantaneous.

This stream doesn't always show live racing. Why?

The coverage streamed is the same as what is on our TAB Trackside 1 and TAB Trackside 2 channels, which will sometimes include delayed coverage and pre-recorded programming. There will also be a small number of races we aren't permitted to stream online due to our broadcasting agreements. Where this is the case the race will not be shown online but will still be available on TV.

What can I watch and bet on?

You can bet on all televised races available to view on TAB Trackside 1 and TAB Trackside 2 via the Watch&Bet Racing betslip.

Why can't I listen to TAB Trackside 1 and TAB Trackside 2 audio anymore?

You'll notice that where you used to be able to listen to the audio from our TV channels, now takes you to Radio Trackside live audio. This is because you can now watch and listen to both channels via our Watch&Bet Racing page.

Having trouble accessing Watch&Bet Racing?

I can't access Watch&Bet Racing, why is that?

Are you logged in to your TAB account? Do you have a positive account balance? Are you in New Zealand? If you answered yes to all these questions and you still cannot view the stream, it could be due to your browser, device or internet connection, or a problem with the stream.

What happens if I use all of my account balance whilst watching a stream?

You'll need to have a positive balance to view the stream at all times. Therefore, if you use all of your account balance while watching the stream it will likely disconnect.

Why can't I view this stream when I'm outside of NZ?

Broadcasting agreements restrict us from streaming footage to those outside of New Zealand.

What kind of browser do I need to have?

On your PC, your browser will need to be the latest version of Chrome, or Safari 6.1 or above, or Internet Explorer 9 or above. It's easy to update your browser. To download the latest Google Chrome browser click here. For the latest Internet Explorer click here.

Can I access Watch&Bet Racing from my iPhone or iPad?

Yes. We have made Watch&Bet available on recent iOS devices. You'll need to navigate to the full site (, log in then click on the Watch&Bet Racing link via the racing section. You can access the full site by selecting the full site link at the bottom of Please note that the full site isn't optimised for viewing on your mobile.

Can I use this on my Android device?

Watch&Bet Racing is only available on Flash capable Android devices.

How much will it cost to view the stream on my mobile device?

Watch&Bet Racing is provided free of charge to TAB account customers but it will use data from your mobile plan.

Help with Video

What is the resolution of the stream?

The resolution will vary. The stream automatically alters the quality to best suit your device and network connection.

I've noticed that sometimes the online stream is slightly ahead of what's shown on TV. Why is this?

With all LIVE TV there is a slight delay in the pictures reaching your device. The stream going online has to go through a shorter process to get to you than the stream that is televised so therefore there is a shorter delay on Watch&Bet Racing.

How long can I spend watching the stream?

There is no limit to how long you can watch provided you still meet the requirements to access the stream (a positive account balance, being in New Zealand, browser up to date). Streaming is available 23 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is unavailable between 2:00am and 3:00am. Please be aware that streaming can incur data costs.

What happens if I pause the stream?

Pausing a stream will stop the stream (and the data used by the stream), when you resume playing you'll jump to the LIVE stream rather than where you left off.

Contact us and Feedback

How can I provide you with feedback?

Either by contacting our Contact Centre directly on 0800 102 106 or emailing [email protected]. Alternatively you can use the Feedback form in the My TAB section of if you're an online account customer.