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Watch&Bet Sport Information

Watch&Bet Sports is a service that is provided exclusively to TAB account customers which offers up to 8,500 sports events a year shown live on  

Watch&Bet Sport is available from the sub-menu of's  Sport section . It is available to view using the latest internet browser and Android version 4.4 and above. To view Watch&Bet Sport you must: 

  • Have a TAB account with a positive balance; and
  • Be logged into your account; and
  • Be located in New Zealand. 

NBA streaming is offered through the Multi page. For FAQs on NBA streaming click here.

Watch&Bet Sport FAQs

How can I watch & bet?

You can access Watch&Bet Sport by clicking the link located at the top of our Sports page.

Do I need to have a TAB Account?

Yes. Watch&Bet Sport is provided exclusively to customers with active TAB Accounts. Your account must also be in credit.

Is it free?

Yes. We don’t charge any fees for this service but you will be liable for costs associated with your internet plan. We recommend you check with your service provider. 

Why can't I see the video?

If, once you log in, you are presented with the message 'Live video not available' please try refreshing your browser or check that your browser is supported. 

What sports can I watch?

You can watch and bet on football, tennis, basketball, cricket, squash, volleyball, handball, darts, pool and snooker. There’s a huge variety of sports covered from around the globe – whether it's Wimbledon or Davis Cup Tennis, Serie A Italian League Football or USA Major League Soccer, it’s all on Watch&Bet Sport.

Will there be in-play betting?

Yes. Watch&Bet Sport will have in-play betting (live betting) on selected events. 

What affect will Watch&Bet have on my broadband allowance?

Watch&Bet can be viewed in either high or low quality. It will automatically detect the bit-rate your system can handle. Here’s the approximate usage by each stream.
Low – 280Kbps which equates to 126MB/hour.
High – 500Kbps which equates to 225MB/hour.
As an example 5GB would allow you to watch close to 40 hours of video on low quality or 22 hours of high quality video each month.

When is Watch&Bet Sport available?

The service is dependent on the availability of global sports coverage as well as the TAB offering betting on those events. Some events offer live in-play betting and betting for other events may close before the event starts but we'll still offer live stremaing. 

How do I know what sports you will be showing?

We have a seven day schedule which you can view from the Watch&Bet Sport page. Alternatively the player within this section will indicate what matches we will be showing.

Why aren’t you showing some sports?

Some mainstream sports coverage is not currently available as an online betting service.

Is there a delay with Watch&Bet Sports footage?

There may be a slight delay depending on your connection speed and the overseas feed.

Can I view Watch&Bet Sport overseas?

No. Legally, we can only offer Watch&Bet services to customers located in New Zealand. 

Who owns the sport streaming content?

©The copyright covering all live events streamed on Watch&Bet Sport is owned by Perform Media Channels Limited.

Can I use this service on my mobile phone?

Yes you can. It's only avaialble through and using the latest iOS and Android version. 

Can I still use Watch&Bet Sport if I have an inactive account?

No. You will need to call TAB Customer Services on 0800 102 106 to have your account reactivated before you can use Watch&Bet Sport service. Also, your account must be in credit.

Why is Watch&Bet Sport running slowly?

If the site seems slow ensure that you have a broadband internet connection opposed to dial-up. If other websites are also loading slowly then you’ll need to contact your broadband service provider. If it’s just Watch&Bet that is slow, please contact TAB Customer Services on 0800 102 106.

Do I need to update my browser?

Yes. It always helps to have the latest browser installed on your computer, which is a free and easy process. While there are several browsers available, in order to achieve the best viewing experience, we recommend the latest version of Google Chrome. Alternatively Firefox or Internet Explorer 9 and above will be sufficient. This service is not optimised for older browsers.

Can I make the Watch&Bet Sport screen any bigger?

No. You won’t be able to increase the size of the video screen. 

Why is there no audio?

Check if you have a sound card on your computer and that the volume turned up. 

Why is there no video?

It could be one of a few things. We could be experiencing a technical difficulty or your internet connection is not fast enough to stream both the audio and video at the same time. If it is a technical issue that is known to us you should receive an error message otherwise you will need to contact your broadband service provider.

Why can't I pause or rewind the video?

The Watch&Bet Sport service provides a live feed of sporting events in real time only, so can’t be paused or rewound.

Why am I still having problems with Watch&Bet Sport?

Occasionally you may encounter issues, such as live video pausing which can be corrected by refreshing your browser.If you’re still encountering problems with loading TAB Watch&Bet it may be that you have a Firewall which is preventing you access. You will need to contact your Internet security provider.

Contact us and Feedback

How can I provide you with feedback?

Either by contacting our Contact Centre directly on 0800 102 106 or emailing [email protected]. Alternatively you can use the Feedback form in the My TAB section of if you're an online account customer.

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