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TAB Mobile Site redirect

These redirects have been put in place to ensure that you are betting on the platform that is best supported by the device you are using. 

What site should I be using?

Smartphone/ipad/tablet: TAB Mobile touch (
Internet capable phone: Original TAB Mobile (

I don't like where this is taking me . . .

To overide the redirection, you will need to manually select the site you want by using the links provided on each site:
 - On our TAB Mobile sites - or - use the navigation links provided at the bottom of the page.  
 - On, click the 'TAB Mobile Site' link which can be found in the footer of the page. As outlined above this will invoke the mobile detection behaviour.

Please note: Clicking one of these links will make that site your default site. To change your default site, click on the appropriate link from the site links found at the bottom of each site.

If you think you are being automatically redirected to the wrong site for the device you are using then you'll need to clear the cache/history on your device.

If you have any questions, please contact TAB Customer Services on 0800 102 106