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General PIN security

Please remember that it is your responsibility to safeguard the security of your PIN (Personal Identification Number).

To have a TAB Account, you must also have a PIN (Personal Identification Number). Your PIN is required when:

  • Placing a bet on Touch Tone and through Phonebet
  • For Security reasons, or if you’re locked out of your account or need to make queries with our TAB Customer Services.
  • When making a deposit or withdrawal in a TAB retail store or on-course

 Your PIN should not be easily guessed or identified as related to you or an obvious combination of numbers (eg birth date).  It should not be accessible to anyone else and should be used with caution, especially when using services like Phonebet. If your PIN is compromised, this means that someone can place bets with the funds in your account. Please contact our TAB Customer Services team immediately in this instance, by phoning 0800 102 106. You can also change your password online in My TAB > My Account Details > Change your Password.

When a PIN is not required

To continue to protect yourself and your TAB Account usage, there are 5 things we ask you do:

  1. Re-check your bet before submitting it to ensure it is what you intended to place. Once you hit the second ‘Submit bet’ button, your bet is placed.
  2. Your PIN is still important, so make sure you keep it in a safe place.
  3. Set your betting limits to provide you with that extra level of protection. There are two ways you can do this online through My TAB > My Betting Preferences. In this section you can set General limits that apply to any bet and/or bet limits specific to Racing and Sports. 
    • Set a Warning Message bet value. This will provide you with a warning message if your bet exceeds the limit that you have set
    • Set your Bet value limit. If your bet exceeds the value that you have set, your bet will not be accepted and you’ll be presented with an error message.
  4. Update your password. It is easy to do - go to My TAB > My Account Details > Change your Password.  To retrieve a forgotten password; click on the ‘Can’t access your account?’ link under the login box. Then follow the prompts. Passwords are case sensitive and must contain at least one letter and one number. They may also contain punctuation characters.  To check the strength of your password with the aim to have this as secure as possible, you could use this site 'How Secure is my Password’. 
  5. Update your Contact details.  Go to My TAB > My Account details > Update personal details


Touch Tone specific guidance

If you are using Touch Tone, you need to be aware that in certain situations the digits pushed can be read by others. For example:

  • If you are not at your own home, some phones have the function to display the most recently dialled numbers (including all numbers pushed after the "call" has started)
  • Some businesses such as hotels are still on older phone systems that will record all digits pushed (so that details can be recorded on invoices).
  • If you are unsure about using a phone that is not your own, we recommend that you do not use Touch Tone.


Q. Do I have the option to still use a PIN to place my bets online and through TAB Mobile?  
A. No. This is a permanent change that we’ve introduced.

Q. Where online and on Mobile will I still be required to use my PIN? 
A. When you open a new account; enable an existing account for online use or contact our TAB Customer Services team with any account queries.

Q. Can I cancel my bet if I placed it without realising? 
A. No. Please refer to Appendix 7(c) in the Betting Rules (page 201) for further information.

Q. What happens if I get locked out of my account? 
A. Please contact our TAB Customer Services team on 0800 102 126. You’ll need your PIN so please have that ready.

Q. What other TAB Channels require me to use my PIN? 
A. Phonebet; Touch Tone; withdrawing and depositing cash in retail and on-course.