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Responsible gambling

We want you to have fun and enjoy the excitement of betting.  We also want you to bet safely and responsibly and offer a range of tools and services to support this.

Set Your Limits Programme

If you are a TAB Account customer, you can request that a weekly limit be placed on your spend and/or maximum loss through your TAB Account. Once the agreed limit has been reached, no further bets will be accepted through that account for that week. Download further information or a request form below.

Additionally, a wide variety of personalisation options are now available on for TAB Account customers. Login to your account then head to My TAB and look for ‘My Betting Preferences’ in the left hand menu, or click on the ‘My Preferences’ link in the horizontal menu bar on the Sport and Racing page. By setting your preferences on, you can personalise the way that you like to bet with an added safety net to ensure that you spend the individual bet value that you wanted to.

Multi Venue Self Exclusion Programme

Any customer can voluntarily arrange for access to TAB betting services to be denied. It is useful for customers who want to stop their betting activity. The Self Exclusion Programme may operate indefinitely and can only be revoked with the agreement of the NZ Racing Board. Contact TAB Customer Services or download further information or a request form below.

Information About Your Betting

Basic self-service information is available when you log into your TAB account. The Activity Report will show your betting and account activity over the previous (up to) 30 day period. If you would like more detailed information or information spanning over a longer time period then this can be made available on request. Just call the TAB Helpdesk on 0800 102 106 or email them at [email protected].

Contact Us

If you think you, or someone you know may have a problem, help is available by contacting our TAB Customer Services or through the Gambling Helpline 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Further information about Responsible Gambling and available support is available in the links below.

TAB Customer Services
Phone: 0800 102 106
Email: [email protected]

Gambling Helpline
Phone: 0800 654 655
E-mail: [email protected]

Contact Information about Responsible Gambling and Available Support

Responsible Gambling Brochure

English  |  Simplified Chinese  |  Traditional Chinese  |  Maori  |  Samoan

Responsible Gambling Forms

NZRB Harm Prevention and Minimisation Policy

NZRB Set Your Limits Programme Information sheet

NZRB Set Your Limits Request Form

NZRB Multi-Venue Self-Exclusion Programme

NZRB Multi-Venue Self-Exclusion Form

NZRB Account Only Exclusion Form