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Touch Tone Sports

The voice prompts will guide you throughout your bet. Please have your correct Option and Selection numbers ready. Press * to return to the previous menu. The minimum bet value is $2 for Fixed Odds Sports and Racing on touchtone.

Step-by-step guide

1. Call Touch Tone on one of the numbers applicable to you:

Freephone – landline                               0800 10 20 33
Telecom mobile call plan                         *40 50 63
Telecom prepaid and all other mobiles    04 472 7888

2. Enter your TAB Account number and Press #

3. Enter your PIN and Press #

4. Listen to your account balance or skip this stage by selecting from the options in step 5.

5. You’ve now entered the Main Menu. Press 8 for Fixed Odds Sports.

     • Please have your Option and Selection numbers ready.

6. Enter the number of legs and press #.

     • Press 1 for single or 2 to 10 for Multi.

7. Enter the Bet amount ($2 minimum bet) and press #.

8. Enter the Option number and press #.

9. Enter the Selection number and press #.

     • If a Multi is selected, repeat steps 8 and 9 as prompted.

11. Call Back - once your bet has been called back, enter:

     • 1 to confirm
     • 2 to repeat
     • 3 to cancel

12. Accept your bet.  Listen to ensure your bet has been accepted.  You can place another bet now or end the call.

For a Printable version of this guide in pdf click here

For Touch Tone - Racing instructions, click here