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Single Bet Builder

We have introduced a single bet builder to the new Multi Page, making it the easiest place to take your racing and sports single Fixed Odds bets, as well as Multis.

The single bet builder is similar to a shopping cart. Simply browse our sports and racing Fixed Odds betting options, and add your desired options to the bet builder. Once you have selected up to 10 options, enter how much you want to spend on each bet, click submit to take all the bets with one click.

Options can be added and removed between the single and Multi bet builders by ticking the box next to each option.


The image below shows the Multi page, with three options added to the Multi bet builder.


Ticking ‘Add to singles’ will add those selections to the single bet builder.

The number of options that have been transferred to the single bet builder will be indicated by the yellow digit on the single bet builder tab, as seen below.


T he ticked options will now appear in the single bet builder below, allowing them to be placed as single bets. Note that when you click on the single bet builder tab, the yellow number transfers to the Multi bet tab, indicating how many options are in the Multi bet builder.

Clicking on the dustbin icon next to the option will remove it from the bet builder, while clicking on the dustbin icon at the top right of the bet builder will remove all of the options from the bet builder.











The ‘Add to Multi’ box is automatically ticked, indicating that it is also in the Multi bet builder.

Clicking the ‘submit bet’ button will bring up the bet confirmation window, allowing both single bets to be placed at once, with differing outlay amounts as shown below.