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Bet Cancellation Rule

At your local TAB? You only have two minutes to cancel your bets

Cash and PHONEPLUS cancellation time is two minutes for Tote bets. All Tote bets placed with cash or through PHONEPLUS can only be changed or cancelled within two minutes of being sold. This two minute window allows you to check your tickets and rectify any errors.

Online? All bets placed are final

Once you have confirmed your bet online, the bet is recorded in the computer and can't be refunded or modified. To query a bet you need to instantly call TAB Customer Services on 0800 102 106.

Late scratchings are unaffected for cash bets

If your ticket is affected by a late scratching, including multi-leg bet types, you may get a refund or change your bet prior to the race or first leg starting. If you do not change your bet, or you placed your bet online, the TAB will substitute an alternative selection (the starting tote win favourite) for the scratched runner after the closing time for receipt of multi-leg bets (Double, Treble, Quaddie, Place6 and Pick6).

No change to cash and PHONEPLUS Fixed Odds Bets – one minute cancellation

There is no change to cash and PHONEPLUS Fixed Odds bets. These can only be changed or cancelled within one minute of being sold.

Live bets may not be changed or cancelled

No bets placed on live betting options may be changed or cancelled in any instance.

Online and Touchtone bets may not be changed or cancelled

Online and Touchtone bets are also unable to be changed or cancelled in any instance and customers should be aware of the late scratching rules.


Why is there a cancellation rule?

Preventing late cancellation of Tote bets will help us to give customers a more accurate indication of actual pool size and runner dividends at all stages of the betting process. 

Can I cancel a Fixed Odds Bet that is a scratching?

Fixed Odds bets that are scratched can only be refunded once the event has been resulted. 

Why must cash Fixed Odds bets be cancelled within one minute?

Fixed Odds bets allow you to lock in the odds that you select. The odds can shorten to a lower price or drift to a higher price. A shorter timeframe applies to ensure bets can only be cancelled for operator or customer errors only.

Why can bets on live betting options not be cancelled?

A no-cancellation rule on live betting exists because odds change drastically during this type of Fixed Odds betting. Customers should check their betslip carefully before placing their bet.

Why can online bets not be cancelled if there is an error, but you can cancel a bet at a TAB after noticing an error?

The difference in rules reflects the nature of the betting channels. In both TABs and PHONEPLUS the customer relies on an operator to place their bet. The online betslip also has the names of runners next to all selections meaning that there is less likely to be any customer errors. Further, online betting also allows the customer to see a submit bet screen before clicking confirm bet. 

Why can I change my multi-leg bet type if there is a scratching in a TAB, but not online?

The difference in rules reflects the nature of the betting channels. It is easier for customers to bet closer to start time through online and Touchtone channels.