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Getting Started - Betting on Sport

There’s only one thing more exciting than watching sport and that’s watching sport with a bet on. It's easy to get a bet on anything from Rugby to Surfing.

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How to place a Sports bet

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Select your bet type

There are a huge variety of sports bet types to cover all tastes and skills. Below are some of the more popular bet types to get you started.  Click on the titles to find out more on each of the bet types listed.  Alternatively navigate 'Bet types' which is found in the left hand menu of the Help section.

Head To Head

The team or player you think will win the game.

Winning Team and Margin

After deciding who you think will win, you pick what margin they will win by e.g. Hurricanes by 13 and over.

Half / Full Time Double

The team you think will be leading at half time, as well as the match winner. You may get much better value on a favourite for minimal extra risk.

Points Start

Here the outsider is given a ‘head start’ to make it a more attractive bet, whilst the favourite has to beat the ‘points start’ in order to win. An example is, in a past Hurricanes vs. Chiefs match the Chiefs were given a ‘head start’ of +9.5 points. The half point is to ensure a unique winner. If the Hurricanes won 10-0, the Hurricanes -9.5 points would be the winner. If the Hurricanes won 9-0, Chiefs +9.5 points would be the winner. In the actual game the Hurricanes won 35-10, so Hurricanes -9.5 was the winner.

Rugby / Football Pools 

Your rugby or football picks could be worth big money with a Pools bet – and it couldn’t be easier to have a chance at winning. Simply pick the winning team and margin in ten nominated rugby or football games – or let the computer do it for you by asking for an Easybet.

Pick The Score

If you correctly predict the final score you win the Pick the Score dividend. Just like a Double in racing, you can take a number of selections for BOTH teams.

Live betting

Live betting is a great way to get involved in live sport as it offers you the benefit of being able to place a bet based on the matches’ current position, in real time.


A Multi bet lets you bet on all sorts of sports and racing fixed odds options in one bet and the more options you include, the more you stand to win. You can bet on one option per game only. The beauty of a Multi is you can take a minimum of two, and a maximum of ten games on any fixed odds sports options we offer. You can place a Multi through our Retail channel, or on Phone Bet, internet and Touchtone.

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