Frequently Asked Questions in TAB Mobile App

Q.How can I deposit money into my account?

A.Go to the Top Up section from the Account menu and follow the prompts. You can also top up your account while placing a bet in the same way as you can on the website.

Q.Which models of phone will the app work on?

A.We have tested the TAB Mobile App on Apple iPhone 42, 5, 5c, 5s; LG Nexus 5, and Samsung Galaxy S4, S5 and S3 Mini.

Q.I keep getting a 'Problem connecting to TAB' error message. What does this mean?

A.Check your phone is connecting to the internet and that you have the data credit. Reset device/connection. If your internet connection is working, this means there is a problem with one of our internal systems.

Q.Does TAB Mobile App offer all the bets that can be found on

A.The first release of TAB Mobile App offers most of the sports betting options that are available on the website. Racing betting options will be added in time for the Spring Racing Season.

Q.Why can't I can't launch the App?

A.This may be due to the new software that Apple has recently released for iPhones and iPads which has casued the TAB Mobile App to become unavailable for some customers. It's easy to fix by simply uninstalling the App and then reinstalling it. How do I uninstall the App? Hold your finger on the app symbol for a second and then release. An x will appear in the top left corner, click this x: A warning message will appear, click ‘Delete’. How do I reinstall the App? The same as previously, load the App store and search TAB NZ.

Q.Do I need a TAB account to use the app?

A.Yes, you will need a TAB account to place bets using the app. You will be prompted to login to your account when you place a bet. If you do not have an account, tap the Register now button on the main screen.

Q.How do I know if a Sports game has started?

A.The counter on an event or game is counting down to the start of that event/game and is shown in grey. Once the start time has been reached the timer will turn orange. Remember, in the case of an event, some games may not yet have started even though the tournament or event has started. YOu can tell that a game is underway when you tap to view it as it will state LIVE NOW in the top right corner.

Q.Can I do Multi bets on TAB Mobile App?

A.Yes, there are preselected Quick Multi bet options available on the TAB Mobile App. It is the same Quick Multi bet options that are available on SSTs and

Q.How do I get the TAB Mobile App on my phone?

A.For iPhone, download it for free from Apple's NZ App Store. Search for TAB NZ. (Note: Apple gives wagering apps an age restriction of 17+) For Android, visit on your phone. Tap the Android link. Follow the instructions to turn on 3rd party support. Download and follow the instructions. There is no risk of your phone being hacked by enabling 3rd party downloads.

Q.Why can't I open the app at times in the middle of the night?

A.During our overnight processing shutdown period you will not be able to login or open the app. If you do try to access the app during this time, you will recieve an error message and be logged out of the app.

Q.How can I find a particular event that I want to bet on?

A.Tap the 'Find an Event' button on the dashboard to explore upcoming events.

Q.Why is there a racing Quick Multi option in a sports betting app?

A.The Quick Multi is a Fixed Odds, Head to Head betting option which includes two horses or two dogs going head to head in a race. Your selected horse or dog does not have to win the race, just beat the other one it’s up against in your bet.

Q.How do I access my Activity Report?

A.From the Account menu, select History to view your Activity Report.

Q.How do I find out if I've won?

A.When your bet changes from live to resulted, a "number 1" will appear on your bet slip. Tap on this to get a list of your resulted bets which will appear in green.

Q.When do I need to enter my password?

A.Once you login, you will remain logged in for 30 calendar days. After 30 days we will ask you to er-enter your username and password. If you change your password, the 30 days will start again from that date. You will also be asked to enter your password when you are about to spend money or make changes to your account. Once your password is entered, you have 20 minutes to place bets without re-entering your password. Every time you re-enter your password, the 20 minute timer is reset.

Q.What happens if my phone rings while I'm using the app?

A.When you have finished your call and returned to the app, check that the odds have not changed or that you can still place a bet on your chosen event. If you were inthe middle of placing a bet when the phone rang, check your Activity Report to see if the bet was placed.

Q.What happens if I lose connection whilst placing a bet?

A.When you are reconnected, select History from the Account menu to see if your bet was placed before trying to place it again.

Q.Can I change or cancel my bet if I made a mistake?

A.Unfortunately, all placed bets are final and can not be refunded or modified - there is a warning of this on the Confirm Bet screen.

Q.Can I withdraw money from my account using TAB Mobile App?

A.No, you can only withdraw money from your TAB Account by visiting a TAB store or via Fax or Email. Use the Store Finder in the app to find the outlet nearest to where you are at the time.

Q.Why can't I search by date? I want to see what I can bet on today.

A.You can't search by date but the "Next to Go" information shows you the next 30 events coming up - either all events or those that match your Favourites selection.

Q.Why do I need to have my phone's Location Permissions switched on to run the TAB Mobile App?

A.To ensure that the app will not start in countries where online wagering is not allowed.

Q.I've chosen my Favourites, but how do I check out other sports?

A.Use the search (Find A) button on the dashboard to bring up the list of all sports and which ones are currently available to bet on.

Q.What does 'SUSP' mean?

A.It means the option is suspended. The bookie may be making changes to the option due to a scoreage, stoppage in play or a variety of other factors. The option will be greyed out and 'Bet Now' replaced with 'SUSP'.