Frequently Asked Questions in TAB Account

Q.How do I unsubscribe from receiving promotional material?

A.If you no longer wish to receive emails from us it’s easy to tell us to stop. Each email contains an unsubscribe link at the bottom so you can change your mind at any time. If you would like to be unsubscribed from email material (but still receive information in the post) go to My TAB and update your promotional contact details. Otherwise contact our TAB Customer Services on 0800 102 106 or [email protected]  and ask to be unsubscribed from promotional material. Note if you unsubscribe from both forms of contact you will be excluded from competition draws as, due to the Unsolicited Electronic Transactions Act, we are not legally allowed to contact you.

Q.Can I cancel a bet over the internet?

A.No. Once you have confirmed your bet, the bet is recorded in the computer and you are unable to cancel any sports or race bet. To query a bet you need to instantly call TAB Customer Services on 0800 102 106

Q.How do I get help?

A.To contact the TAB regarding technical or betting issues please email [email protected]
To contact the TAB about your TAB Account please email: [email protected]
For urgent contact, telephone to speak to a customer service representative:
New Zealand: 0800 102 106
Australia: 1800 10 20 30 44
All other countries: +64 4 576 6999

Q.Where can I find information on the bets I've put on?

A.Logging into your TAB Account online and navigating to the Account Activity page (inside the yellow box at the top right hand side of the page when in the racing or sports section) will give you access to view all bets that have resulted in the last month and all bets that are currently live.

Q.What browsers can I use?

A.The site is best viewed using either Internet Explorer v7.0 and above or Firefox v2.0 and above. Older browsers may not work on the secure parts of the site.

Q.What happens to the money I bet?

A.On average, 82% of the betting dollar goes back to the customer. The rest of the betting dollar goes toward Government taxes, Problem Gambling Levy, TAB costs and back to the racing and sports codes.

Q.Can I have a TAB Account if I live outside of New Zealand?

A.Yes you can open an account, except if you live in an overseas jurisdiction where betting with the NZRB is prohibited (due to local legislation). For example, if you are located in France, Singapore, Australia or the USA, you cannot transact with us, due to domestic legislation in those countries.

Q.Who should I contact if I lose my TAB Account login details?

A.Any problems with TAB Accounts can be solved by contacting our TAB Customer Services on 0800 102 106. Most problems can be solved with a quick phone call where you will be asked some security questions to confirm that it is your account.

Q.Why am I not receiving emails from the TAB?

A.If you are signed up to receive promotional emails, but are not getting any emails from the TAB then it would seem that your Junk Mail filter is preventing you from seeing these emails.  You will need to go to your junk mail folder and mark our emails as safe/trusted.

If you require further assistance please contact TAB Customer Services - Email: [email protected], Phone: 0800 10 21 06.

Q.How can I set up a TAB Account?

A.To bet with us on or TAB Mobile you'll need to set up a TAB Account which is a quick and easy process.

To join now and open a TAB Account click here

Your TAB Account is created straight away and you can start betting instantly once you've funded your account. You can fund your account in many ways but the easiest way is via your Credit Card. 

Q.How do I sign up to receive promotional material from the TAB?

A.Signing up to promotional contact with the TAB means that we have your permission to send you information. Giving us this permission means that you can also be automatically included in any TAB Account competitions.

If you have an email address registered with us, you will receive our exclusive weekly TAB Account emails. We may also send you the occasional email survey, updates on TAB products and information on large sporting events and jackpots.

We promise you won't be bombarded with emails as we don't simply send messages to all customers. Instead we try to email those customers who have shown an interest in a particular sport or product in the past.

If you would like to receive promotional material and email material:

Log onto and tick yes to receive promotional contact. Ensure your Personal details are up to date, in particular your email address.

If you would like to receive promotional material by mail and NOT email material: You will need to phone Account Betting Administration on 0800 178 379 and ask them to allow promotional material but not email material