Frequently Asked Questions in Racing

Q.What happens if there is an inquiry that isn't resolved before the next leg runs in an All Up?

A.If a race hasn't been confirmed before the next leg in an All Up, the winnings from the previous race will not be able to be invested in the next race. This will mean that the result of the race that was missed will have no bearing on the collect for the All Up or if the ticket remains live.

Q.Where can I find the dates of race meetings?

A.The dates for future race meetings can be found at and clicking on Racing Calendar.

Q.Where can I find the Trackside and TAB TV schedules?

A.Trackside and TAB TV schedules can be found at and clicking on TV Schedules.

Q.Where can I find the times that races are being run?

A.The start times for the days racing can be found at and clicking on Today's Racing.

Q.Where can I find the track information for races today as well as races running in a few days?

A.Track conditions for the days racing can be found under the individual race meetings on Track conditions for meetings due to be run in the next couple of days can be found on the NZ Thoroughbred Racing website: ( under Meeting Info.

Q.I already have a TAB Account but how can I use it online?


To enable your TAB Account for use online click here then click Enable for online use.

If you already have a TAB Account but do not currently use it online, you'll need to complete the 'enable for online use' steps before you can bet online

Q.How can I changes the Odds between Tote and Fixed Odds?

A.The Odds display dropdown menu allows you to choose which odds you would like to be displayed on your betslip: Win Odds, Final Field Odds or Tote Odds. This dropdown menu only displays on screens with a resolution less than 1280 pixels wide. If you would like all of the odds displayed, then you’ll need to increase the resolution of your screen to at least 1280 pixels wide. By doing this the odds display dropdown menu will disappear. How can I do this? [1] Right click from your desktop [2] Click on Properties [3] Go to the Settings tab [4] Change your resolution by adjusting the slider bar until it is at least 1280 wide. Please note: These instructions may not apply to all monitors.

Q.What happens to my bet if a meeting is postponed or abandoned?

A.A race meeting may be postponed or abandoned if a club did not receive sufficient nominations to be able to stage it, or because of inclement weather which made racing on the track unsafe. A race meeting may also be abandoned part way through because of inclement weather or unsafe track conditions. All unresolved Tote bets placed on abandoned races are fully refunded with the exception of Pick6, Double, Treble and Quaddie bets. These bets are subject to conditions set out under Rule 11 in the New Zealand Racing Board Betting Rules. If a Fixed Odds betting event is postponed prior to its commencement all bets still stand.

Q.What happens if there are seven or less runners in a race?

A.If there are five, six or seven starters, there will only be two dividends paid: first and second. If there are four or fewer starters there will be no place dividends. In this case all units of place betting on that race will be refunded. See TAB Rule 10.5(a) and (b)

Q.Can I go anywhere to see nominations for a future race?

A.Yes, nominations can be found:
• for Thoroughbreds, on the NZ Thoroughbred Racing website:
• For Harness, on the Harness Racing New Zealand website:
• For Greyhounds, on the NZ Greyhound Racing website:

Q.What happens if there is a scratching in relation to Final Field Betting?

A.Bets on scratched runners are refunded in Final Field betting with a corresponding deduction from winning bets.
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Q.Who governs closing times, results and inquiries in races?

A.The race results and inquiries into the race are all decided by the club holding the meeting. The TAB does not make any decisions in regards to the result from a race or any action taken before the result is confirmed.

Q.How often are the racing odds updated?

A.Racing odds are updated every 30 minutes up to 1.5 hours prior to race start, every 10 minutes between 1 hour and 20 minutes before race start, every 5 minutes from 20 minutes to 15 minutes, every 60 seconds from 7 minutes to 3 minutes and every 45 seconds from then until race start

Q.What are Final Field and Futures Fixed Odds Betting?

A.Futures betting is long range Fixed Odds betting on feature races prior to the final field being established. Futures betting is all-in with bets on scratched horses not being refunded. Final Field betting is opened when the final field is set and is offered until the start time of the race.
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Q.What is Percentage Betting?

A.It’s simple – you pay a percentage of the price of a Trifecta, First4, Treble, Quaddie, Pick6 or Boxed Multi in return for a percentage of the dividend. Instead of betting in $1 or 50-cent units, you can bet any amount you like over $5 (provided the minimum bet unit is 5%). Simply fill in a betting slip (in person or online), ensuring that you have entered the total amount that you wish to spend and marked the '%' betting box. Hand it over and we’ll work out the percentages for you. Important: If the % box has not been marked on the betslip, the bet will generate a large value!!
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Q.Why is there a reduction when taking the same horse multiple times in a Multi?

A.Selecting the same horse in a Multi is technically a related outcome. There is a reduction in the second race taken which reflects what the odds will be like if the selected horse was to win the first race.