Frequently Asked Questions in Racing Tracker

Q.Has my username or password been changed?

A.No, but it is now case sensitive e.g. if you have the password RacingTRACKER, you must enter it as upper and lower case.

Q.I have forgotten my password?

A.Type your username and then click on 'forgot my password'. You will then be sent an email with a link attached for you to reset your password.

Q.What if a runner or jockey is not in the list?

A.Use the 'Add your own selections' link to add your own runners or riders etc, these 'must' be spelt exactly as they are written on Different spelling will not generate an email or text message.

Q.Can I use Race Tracker if I don't have a TAB account?

A.You must have an active TAB account to use Race Tracker. If your account becomes inactive, access to Race Tracker will stop, as will all the notifications that you've requested.