Frequently Asked Questions in Multi

Q.How many selections can I put in my Multi?

A.You can include up to ten selections from an Fixed Odds Racing or Sports event.

Q.Can I add both Racing and Sports legs to my Multi?

A.Yes. In the new Multi builder, the selected legs will stay in the Multi Builder as you switch between the Racing and Sports Multi pages. In the Original Multi Builder, ticking both the Racing and Sports boxes will allow you to select both Racing and Sports legs.

Q.What happens if one of the legs in my Multi is cancelled?

A.If one or more of your leg do not go ahead, the Multi is still live. For example, if you had a 4-leg Multi and one leg was cancelled, this would then become a 3-leg Multi comprising the three legs that remain live. Likewise, if you had a 4-leg multi and three legs were cancelled, this Multi would ultimately become a single bet on the remaining live leg.

Q.What is the maximum return for a Multi?

A.A Straight Multi bet has a maximum return of $250,000 and a Boxed Multi has a maximum return of $500,000. For more on maximum returns, please see our maximum returns help page.

Q.In a Multi bet do all of my bets have to win for a dividend to be paid?

A.Yes, for a Straight Multi all selections have to win in order to get a dividend paid out to you. However, if you have taken a Boxed Multi, it depends on the combinations you have nominated – i.e. if you have selected 'Any 3' then three selections will have to win in order to receive a dividend. Click here to find out more about Boxed Multis. Click here to find out more about Percentage Boxed Multis.

Q.What is a Multi?

A.A Multi bet allows you to combine many Fixed Odds selections into one bet, up to a maximum of 10. Each selection within a Multi bet is called a leg. Build a Multi using our Racing Multi page and Sports Multi page. Selections made on each page will be combined into one bet. Click here to find out more about Multi bets.

Q.What is a related outcome and how is it defined?

A.A related outcome is where the outcome of one selection has a bearing on the outcome of another selection. For example, Head to Head and Points Start within the same match would be considered a related outcome as they are both directly linked to the final score of a match. You will be unable to add a related outcome to your Multi bet, but you’re still able to take these bets individually.