Frequently Asked Questions in Deposit/Withdrawals

Q.Why can I not withdraw my entire account balance?

A.To protect our customers from unauthorised credit card activity, we do not permit customers to withdraw funds that have been deposited online by a credit or ANZ/Mastercard debit card, that haven't been used for betting, as cash. To access these funds without using them for betting, we will need to refund them back onto the originating card. Please contact TAB Customer Services on 0800 102 106 or email [email protected] to arrange this.

Q.How do I withdraw money from my TAB Account?


You can withdraw money from your TAB Account by visiting a TAB Store or via Fax or Email.

1. TAB Store

You can make a cash, cheque or voucher withdrawal on-course or at a TAB Store.

You'll need to bring in some Photo ID as well as your TAB Account number and pin. To locate your local TAB Store click here

2. Fax

Alternatively, you can fax a request to the Customer Administration Support team (Fax +64 4 576 6922) or scan and send as an attachment to [email protected] with all of the following information:

 - Name
 - TAB Account number
 - Amount to be withdrawn
 - Preferred method of payment - choose from telegraphic transfer, bank draft, TAB cheque (NZ residents only) or, for withdrawals of $100 or more, bank/credit card deposit (NZ residents only)
 - Current mailing address
 - Bank details (if payment is by bank or credit card deposit)
 - Signature

The withdrawal will be actioned upon signature verification. Daily cut-off time for withdrawals via fax/email is 12:00pm Monday - Friday. If you miss the cut-off you can still make a cash withdrawal from any TAB store (NZ Customers only).

If you still require further assistance, please contact TAB Customer Services on 0800 102 106, or email [email protected]

Q.How do I deposit money into my TAB Account?


You can deposit money into your TAB Account Online or by visiting a TAB Store.

1. Online

Visa or MasterCard 
TAB Account customers can deposit funds directly into their account, using your Visa or MasterCard here online or on TAB Mobile. In most cases the money is deposited into your TAB Account immediately but from time to time funding may be delayed, especially if you've depositied funds after the last betting event of the night. Those funds will appear the following morning. There is a $20 minimum transfer and a $2.15 fee applies to Visa / MasterCard deposits.

Top-up your Account now

The amount you may deposit is dependant on how long you have been a TAB account holder and whether or not you have verified your account.

If your TAB account has been ID verified for more than 90 days you may deposit up to $10,000 per day, or $50,000 per month.

If your TAB account has been ID verified for less than 90 days you may deposit up to $5,000 per day, $25,000 per month.

If you live in New Zealand or Australia and your account is not ID verified, you may deposit up to $250 per day, or $5,000 per month.

If you live outside of New Zealand or Australia, and your account is not ID verified, you may deposit up to $250 per day, or $1,250 per month.

NOTE: These daily and monthly limits apply to Credit Card and Debit Card transactions only. These limits can be reduced on request by emailing [email protected] and advising:

* your name
* your TAB Account number and/or username 
* the desired lower limit amounts (daily and/or monthly)

You can use up to five Credit/Debit Cards to fund your account. These cards must be in your name. If you have any questions please contact TAB Customer Services on 0800 102 106, or[email protected].

Bill Payment
Contact your bank to organise a bill payment service directly from your personal bank account into your TAB Account.  Payments from a Company bank account are not accepted and will be reversed.  Most banks process payments overnight Monday to Friday only and you need to make sure you process your deposit prior to your banks file processing.

Bank: ANZ
Account name: New Zealand Racing Board
Account number: 01-1839-0077753-08

Please note: Your TAB Account number and surname must be entered in the reference or particular fields. If you wish to transfer more than $10,000, please contact our TAB Customer Services team, as prior approval needs to be established first.  Contact TAB Customer Services on on 0800 102 106.

Telegraphic transfer (overseas customers)
ANZ:  01-1839-0077753-08

Swiftcode: ANZBNZ22

Reference: Please insert your TAB Account number and surname in the reference or Particular fields.

2. TAB Store

You can locate your local TAB Store here

Cash & Eftpos
You'll need to complete a deposit slip in a TAB Store and enter your PIN to make the deposit.  For deposits over $5,000 a deposit slip must be completed and identification provided.

The drawer of the cheque must be the TAB Account holder and made payable to the New Zealand Racing Board.  Company cheques are not accepted.  Cheques require seven working days for clearance before funds will be credited to your TAB Account.

Note: Fraudulent activity will be tracked and prosecuted.

If you require further assistance, please contact TAB Customer Services on 0800 102 106, or email [email protected]