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As the name suggests Win betting challenges you to pick the winner of a race.  If your pick does win then every dollar that you bet will collect the Win dividend e.g. if you bet $5 to Win and your pick wins and pays $3.00 then you collect $15. If it pays $10.00, you collect $50.

Minimum field size for Win betting:  There needs to be at least two runners left in a race for a Win bet to remain valid.  If there are less than two runners all Win bets will be refunded.

Minimum Bet: The minimum amount for a Win bet is $1.

Scratchings:  If your pick is scratched (withdrawn) from a race after you have made a Win bet on it, your bet will be refunded when the race is resulted.

Dead Heat:  Should there be a dead heat for 1st and 2nd places in a race, then Win dividends will be declared for both runners involved in the dead heat - these dividends will be half of what they would have been if the runner had won outright. Win dividends in such circumstances will not be less than $1.00 (money back).

Abandonment:  Any Win bet made on a race that is later Abandoned will be refunded.

Note: Win betting is a Tote product. Fixed Odds Betting Win products include Final Field Win (FF-Win) and Futures.