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Triple Trio


To win Triple Trio you need to get the first three place getters in each of the three Triple Trio nominated Legs (races). The order of the horses doesn't matter – just that they placed in the top three.

Triple Trio will be available every Saturday, usually on the last three races of the day's feature meeting and betting is available from Thursday mornings.

Prizes & concessions

First prize pool: This will be shared by the number of winning units.
Jackpot: If Triple Trio isn't struck, or is only partially struck, the prize will keep jackpotting each week until it's won.
Second prize pool: There is also a weekly second division prize (concession) for players who have successfully struck the first two Trios in Legs one and two, but missed out on Leg three.

How much does it cost?

Full Unit and Percentage (%) betting is available. Full Unit mininmum is $1.00. % betting minimum is $5.00.

For each Leg you can either have boxed selections, one banker with other runners, or two bankers with other runners. You can mix and match these selections over different Legs. Find out more information about betting options on

Calculate how much different betting options cost by downloading our Triple Trio Calculator below:

Triple Trio Calculator (113KB)

Find out more about Triple Trio by visiting