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There are many thoroughbred, harness and greyhound races to bet on every day of the week. The races can be from New Zealand, Australia and all over the globe.  In this section you will find information on some of the bet types that the TAB offers. 

How to pick a winner

There is no magic formula to picking a winner but the more you know about the race and runners, the better your chances of making the right choice. That’s why it pays to study the form – and here we show you how to read it.

Understanding the last five placings in a formguide
On any form the last five placings are read from right to left.
1-9 = place in which the horse or dog finished
0 = finished 10th or more
X = three month break from racing

Barrier draw number
1 is the closest to the inside rail and generally the favoured starting position.

Dividend / returns
How much you win for every dollar you have bet. The lower the dividends the more popular the runner is.

Got a hot tip?
Been given a sure winner for tonight’s greyhound race? Heard that a top jockey is riding an under-rated horse on a track that will really suit them? Got a feeling about a starter in a harness race that you saw on Trackside today? Convert that hot tip to cash. Make your bet via one of our betting channels, check your ticket and get ready to race.

Select your bet type

The TAB offers a huge variety of bet types to cover all tastes and skill levels – from Win, Place and Eachway bets for the novice punter to All Up,  Poker and Multi for our more experienced punters. 

Below are some of the more popular bet types to get you started.  Click on the titles to find out more on each of the bet types listed.  Alternatively navigate through 'Bet types' which is found in the left hand menu of the Help section. 

Win, Place and Eachway

WIN - the winner of the race

PLACE - the runner to finish either 1st, 2nd or 3rd.  Although in some smaller fields (seven runners or less), to finish 1st, 2nd only.

EACHWAY - Combines Win and Place on the same runner.  If your runner wins, you collect both the Win and Place dividend.  If your runner finishes 2nd or 3rd, you collect the Place dividend.  Note: In a field of seven or less place dividends are paid out to only first and second.

WIN and PLACE - For a Win/Place bet, choose Each Way and enter a slash between the Win amount and the Place amount.  For example if you want to place a bet online of $2 for the Win and $3 for the Place, choose Eachway from the dropdown menu and enter 2/3 in the Bet amount box.


Two runners to finish 1st and 2nd.  Quinella bets can be boxed or banker (also known as anchor).


Three runners to finish 1st, 2nd and 3rd in that order.


The First four runners home in one race in the correct order, similar to Trifecta.  First4 like Trifecta, can be boxed or a banker (including Roving Banker).


the winners of 2 separate races nominated by the TAB.


the winners of 3 separate races nominated by the TAB.


The winners of four seperate races as nominated by the TAB.


A Pick6 is where you pick the winners of six separate races nominated by the TAB.

Percentage betting

Percentage betting allows you to decide how much you want to spend on a bet that involves a number of combinations.  You state that total amount that you wish to spend and the computer spreads this across your combinations.  You bet a percentage of the normal cost and get a percentage of the dividend in return.


If you cannot decide which runner to back, ask for an Easybet. An Easybet is a TAB computer-generated bet, where our computer selects the runners for you. The computer selects a bet based on where the money is going on a particular event.  The minimum bet value for an Easybet is $1.

All Up / Poker

All Up itself is not a bet type, it is a means of re-investing the outcome of one race onto another. Select between two and six races at the same meeting. You can place a Win, Place, or Quinella bet. Dividends are automatically re-invested into your next wager. All your selections must come in for your ticket to be a winner.  Poker is an exciting variation selling a number of All Up bets on a single ticket. With a Poker bet if your picks are correct in any two races you will get a dividend.

Big Race Pack

Three bets in one, an Each Way, a Quinella and a Trifecta bet. Available in three different price ranges, Big Race Packs are available on each race but are heavily promoted during Melbourne Cup, NZ Cup and Show Week and for feature events each week. 

Fixed Odds

A Fixed Odds bet is when your dividend is fixed at the odds when you placed your bet. Fixed Odds bets can be Final Field or Futures (see below).


A Multi bet allows you to place several Fixed Odds Racing and Sports options in one bet. The more options you include, the more you stand to win. The beauty of a Multi is that you can take a minimum of two, and a maximum of ten games on any Fixed Odds Racing and Sports options the TAB offers (minimum bet $5). You can place a Multi through a TAB Store, Phone Bet, Touchtone or online at

Minimum bet amount is NZ$1 - Percentage bet minimum cost is the greater of $5 or 5% of the combinations marked.

See ‘Betting Guide: Sport' for all you need to know about betting on Sport at the TAB.