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Think you know who'll run 1-2? Reap the rewards with a Quinella bet

What is a Quinella?

A Quinella bet is where you pick two runners to finish first and second.  Quinella bets can be boxed or banker (also known as anchor).

Boxed Quinella

The easiest and most popular way to take a Quinella.  A Boxed Quinella sounds complicated but it simply means you choose two runners to finish first and second in any order.

pick the 3,4,5 or more runners that you like and by boxing them, you buy all the possible combinations of any of those runners coming first and second.  The more runners you pick the greater the cost e.g. 3 runners Boxed = $3, 4 runners = $6, 5 runners = $10

Runners $1
3 $3.00
4 $6.00
5 $10
6 $15
7 $21
8 $28
9 $36
10 $45
11 $55

Banker Quinella

Also known as Anchor or Standout. You Pick one runner that you like to run either first or second and make this runner your selected banker. Your bet is taken with a group of other runners and you cover all combinations of your banker with this group of runners. It is possible for the banker to be more than one runner.

How do I place a Quinella bet online?

1.  Locate the race that you would like to place your bet on by navigating through the left hand menus of the racing section of

2.  For a Banker Quinella, select Quinella from the drop down menu.  Mark your banker in the first column and your second group of selections in the second column. For a Boxed Quinella select Quinella from the drop down menu and check Boxed.  Mark all of your selections in the first column.

3. Enter the amount you wish to spend per combination (not the total amount) then press Submit bet.

Smarter Quinella

Smart Tip ONE: Box more runners to increase your chances

When you’re faced with an open field with no clear favourite, boxing more runners in your Quinella is a smart way to increase your chances as it covers more of the options.

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Smart Tip TWO: When you’re very confident on one runner, try a Banker quinella & include more runners without breaking the bank.

In some races you may have one runner you’re very confident on for your Quinella, but you’re not so sure about your other selections. In this case a Banker Quinella is a smart bet because you can include several runners without it costing a lot.

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