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A Multi bet allows you to combine many Fixed Odds selections into one bet, from a minimum of two, up to a maximum of 10. Each selection within a Multi bet is called a leg.

You typically need all of your legs to be successful for the Multi bet to return a dividend.

Multis can be placed through a TAB Store,, Phone Bet, Touchtone and the TAB Mobile App.

New Sports & Racing Multi

There is a new way to take your favourite Sports and Racing Multi bets on

Get more control over your Multi bets and weigh up the odds with our new Multi page, featuring a new bet builder, more filters, ‘next-to-go’ functionality, related outcome notations and improved layout as well as complex Multi functionality such as anchors, 'any ofs' and percentage betting.

It's easy to add both Racing and Sports selections to your Multi - our bet builder will keep selections as you switch between the Racing and Sports Multi pages.

The new Multi page can be found on the homepage, or by clicking here.

The original Multi builder is still available, and can be found here.

How does a Multi work?

The total odds for your Multi will be calculated by multiplying the odds of all each individual leg. The more legs you include, the more you stand to win – which makes Multi bets more attractive and exciting than taking a number of Single bets.

Below, we will compare the dividends from making single bets, and a Multi bet on the same options.

Leg 1: $1.50
Leg 2: $2.00

If you placed a $10 bet on both Leg 1 and Leg 2 this would have a potential return of $35

Leg 1: $10 x $1.50 = $15
Leg 2: $10 x $2.00 = $20

Total Spend = $20
Total Return = $35
Total Profit =$15

However, if you took a $20 Multi across Leg 1 and Leg 2, this would have a potential return of $60
Leg 1 ($1.50) x Leg 2 ($2.00) = $3
$20 x $3 = $60

Total Spend = $20
Total Return = $60
Total Profit =$40

Boxed Multi

A Boxed Multi is similar, but it does not require all the legs to be successful before returning a dividend.

They can cost more, while offering more chances to win. You can nominate the number of winning legs needed when placing your Boxed Multi, up to a maximum of 9.

To take a Boxed Multi, tick the 'Any of' box in the Multi Bet Builder, to select how many legs are required to win for your bet to be successful.

Boxed Multi bets are becoming more popular as it gives you a chance of winning even if every leg is not successful.

Click here to find out more about Boxed Multi betting

Percentage Betting

Percentage betting can be a more affordable way to increase your chance of winning big.

It allows you to pay a percentage of a full $1 unit, and in return receive a corresponding percentage of the final dividend.

Taking the percentage bet is particularly effective when placing a Boxed Multi (Any 2, Any 3, etc) as Boxed Multis are generally more expensive than a Straight Multi.

Ticking the percentage (%) box allows you to cover more selections through a Boxed Multi.

Percentage betting is offered for Boxed Multi, Trifecta, First4, Treble, Quaddie and Pick6 bets.

Click here to find out more about percentage betting 

Maximum return

As per the TAB betting rules, there is a limit on the amount that can be won through each bet type, on each day. These limits are listed below.

The current maximum returns are:

Fixed Odds Racing Bet $500,000
Fixed Odds Sports Bet $500,000
Multi $250,000
Boxed Multi $500,000
Maximum daily return $500,000


For more on this rule, see Rule 12.5 in the TAB Betting Rules.

Related Outcome

A related outcome is where the outcome of one selection has a bearing on the outcome of another selection.

Selections that are considered to have a related outcome cannot be included within the same Multi bet.

For example, Head to Head and Points Start within the same match would be considered a related outcome as they are both directly linked to the final score of a match.

You’ll be unable to add a related outcome to your Multi bet, but you’re still able to take these bets individually.

Placing a Multi bet  using the new Sports & Racing Multi page:

The new Multi page can be found on the homepage, on the main header, as seen below.

The Multi page will default to the sports Multis page. If you wish to add Racing legs to your Multi, select Racing in the top left hand corner, or the Original Multi page.

Selections made on the Sports and Racing pages will be kept in your bet builder when you swap between pages.

The Sports Multi Page

When you arrive at the Sports Multi page, it will be sorted by ‘next to go’, as seen below highlighted in green.

To sort by sporting code, click on a sports icon, seen highlighted in red. When you select a sporting code, you will then be able to filter by a specific competition within that sport.

To sort by day, click on the day you would like, beside the ‘next to go’, seen here highlighted in green.

To see all the options for a particular match, ‘# options’ header, seen here highlighted in purple.
The symbol next to the ‘Brooklyn v Houston’ NBA match below indicates that this match can be viewed on TAB Watch&Bet Sport. It is highlighted in yellow.

Clicking on a team name will put a Head to Head selection for that team into your Multi Bet Builder, seen on the far right hand of the screenshot below.

The Racing Multi Page

Upon arriving at the Racing Multi page, it will be sorted by ‘next to go’, thereby showing the next racing events across all codes and countries.

Select a code and location of racing by filtering the options in the red box.

Select a time filter by either keeping next to go, or select by day from the options in the green box.

Details of the races for the meeting can be seen in the purple box. When the text is blue, it means the race has resulted, with the three winning runners being displayed. The next two closest races will have a countdown, while races further away will have their start time displayed in twenty-four hour format.

Clicking on a race, as seen within the purple box below, will move you to the race betting screen.

The Race Meeting Page

Below is the race betting screen. Clicking on the price for the runner, as seen in the small red box, will place it onto your Multi bet builder, as seen on the top right hand of the screenshot.

The ‘breadcrumb’ trail of the Multi page can be seen in the green box. This displays where you are on the Multi page, and allows you to easily move backwards to a previous stage.