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Final Field Top 3

From Monday 23 May

Lock in your return with Fixed Odds Place betting.  You get a fixed amount* when your runner successfully places. With upfront odds you know where you stand.
*Deductions apply - see details below.

Final Field Top 3 betting (called Final Field Place on the betslip) is available on all domestic thoroughbred, harness and greyhound racing, as well as selected feature international racing. When available, Final Field Top 3 odds will be displayed alongside other fixed and tote odds. It will typically be identified as FF Place, F-Plc or its option number. Final Field Top 3 betting opens the same time as Final Field Win betting.

Multi bets: You can include a Final Field Place in a Multi in the same way you do other Multi bets. You can Multi a Fixed Odds option on a race with a Fixed Odds option on a different race. You can't Multi a Fixed Odds option on a race with any other Fixed Odds option on the same race.

Scratchings and deductions: If your runner in a Final Field Place bet is scratched you'll get a refund after the race results. Winning bets placed prior to any scratching will be subject to a deduction.

Deduction formula. Winning bets sold prior to a scratching may be subject to a deduction on their return if the scratched runner was paying less than $35. This deduction is calculated using a standard formula:


     3 x Odds of scratched runner

For example, when the Final Field Place book for the TAB Stakes opens there are 14 runners. You take $100 at $1.50 for Jimmy Choux to place, to return $150. Before the race, Vosne Romanee at $4.50 is scratched. As your bet was subject to deductions, if Jimmy Choux wins your payout will be $141.11. The calculation for this looks like.


3 x $4.50 (Vosne Romanee's odds)

Number of places paid: With Final Field Place betting you are betting on a runner to finish 1st, 2nd or 3rd

Dead Heat Rules: The return on a Final Field Place bet can be reduced by a dead heat in the same way as for other Fixed Odds bets. This is because your return is divided by the number of runners in the dead heat. In some instances, your return could be less than your original bet. For example, in the TAB stakes there is a dead heat for third, the two runners have equally finished in third and fourth place.You have bet $100 at $1.20 on King’s Rose. Instead of $120, the return is divided by two, so you will receive $60. This payout reflects that King’s Rose was only ‘half third’ (and ‘half fourth’). If the dead heat had been between three runners, your return of $120 would have been divided by three, so you would receive $40.

For more details refer to the TAB Betting Rules.