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Also known as a Concession Double, Double betting challenges you to pick the winners of two (usually consecutive) races.  If your picks do win both races then you win the Double Dividend.  If you pick the winner of the first Double race and the runner-up in the second Double race then you win the Concession Dividend.

Minimum Bet: The minimum amount for a Double bet is $1.

Scratchings:  If one of your picks is scratched (withdrawn) from a Double race, your bet will be transferred onto the Sub (substitute) for that race.  The Sub is the runner with the most money bet to Win on it, another name for the Sub is the Favourite. If you already have Sub on your ticket then you can win the Double multiple times.

Dead Heat:  Should there be a dead heat for 1st in either Double race, or a Dead heat for 2nd in the second Double race, Double dividends will be declared for all runners involved in the Dead Heat(s) - these dividends are likely to be less than what they would have been without the Dead Heat(s).

Abandonment:  Should any one Double race be Abandoned then all runners in that race will be deemed winners for the purpose of calculating the Double Dividends.  If both Double races are Abandoned then all Double bets will be refunded.