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Boxed Multi

A Boxed Multi is similar to a Straight Multi, but it does not require all the legs to be successful before returning a dividend. Boxed Multis cost more, but offer more chances to win.  You can nominate the number of winning legs needed when placing your Boxed Multi, up to a maximum of 9.

To take a boxed Multi, select the 'Any of' box in the Multi page, selecting how many legs you require to be successful in your Multi.

Below is an example using “Any 2” (any 2 winning legs)

Leg 1 - $1.40             
Leg 2 - $2.00                      
Leg 3 - $3.00                       
Leg 4 - $5.00

                Combination                                                      Cost       Return

Any 2       Leg 1 and Leg 2                                                   $10         $28

                Leg 1 and Leg 3                                                  $10         $42

                Leg 1 and Leg 4                                                  $10         $70

                Leg 2 and Leg 3                                                  $10         $60

                Leg 2 and Leg 4                                                  $10         $100

                Leg 3 and Leg 4                                                  $10         $150

All 4         Leg 1 and Leg 2 and Leg 3 and Leg 4                $10         $420

The total cost of the above Boxed Multi bet would be $70, with a maximum possible return of $870.

Boxed Multis are becoming more popular as Punters look to cover their bet, just in case every Leg is not successful.

Taking a Boxed Multi as a Percentage Bet is a good way of lowering the cost. For more information on Percentage Betting, click here.