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All Up / Poker

All Up itself is not a bet type, it is a means of re-investing the outcome of one race onto another. Select between two and six races at the same meeting. You can place a Win, Place, or Quinella bet. Dividends are automatically re-invested into your next wager. All your selections must come in for your ticket to be a winner.  Poker is an exciting variation selling a number of All Up bets on a single ticket. With a Poker bet if your picks are correct in any two races you will get a dividend.

Poker uses the All UP system, which enables customers to automatically have the winnings from one race re-invested on another race. A successful wager on one race automatically multiplies the dividend to the next race selected. The customer receives a dividend when any two of the wagers (selections) are successful. The selected races must be 15 minutes apart. The use of the Joker is available.

NB: There are four different Poker bet types, Poker 3, Poker 4, Poker 5 and Poker 6. This bet is available in a 50c unit.
- Poker 3 Minimum bet (50c unit) = $2.00
- Poker 4 Minimum bet (50c unit) = $5.50
- Poker 5 Minimum bet (50c unit) = $13.00
- Poker 6 Minimum bet (50c unit) = $28.50

All Up or Poker?  It can be a tough choice – whether to go “all or nothing” with an All Up bet, or whether to spread the risk with a Poker bet.  The best way to decide is to consider the likely odds of your selections.

An All Up bet is likely to be better if you are taking raging hot favourites, while Poker is likely to suit you if your selections are paying $1.80 or more.  Certainly make it a Poker bet if your selections are likely to pay $3.00 or more.

Placing an All Up or a Poker bet on

To take either an All Up or a Poker bet, click on the All Up link located in the sub header of the Racing section

All Up location

Poker 3, 4, 5 and 6 – In Detail

The following pages get down to the details of Poker bets.  They show you the individual All Up bets that make up each Poker bet, together with a break down of exactly where your money is initially invested in a Poker Bet.  The Calculation Charts highlight the cost of taking more selections, or Quinella combinations, in the Legs of a Poker Bet.

Arrows like this “→” are used to indicate All Up reinvestment between legs.  Eg  An All Up bet from Leg1 to Leg2 is shown as:

The Calculation Charts give examples like this for Poker 3:  1,1,3   $5.00

Which means that taking one selection in two of the legs and three selections (or Quinella combinations) in the other, will cost $5.00 for a 50c unit.

Poker Tips

Dividends required to ‘Break Even’ on a Poker Bet
(with one selection per race)

Poker 3
If only 2 selections come in their dividends must multiply to $4. i.e. $2 x $2

Poker 4
If only 2 selections come in their dividends must multiply to $11.
If only 3 selections come in their dividends must average $1.60.

Poker 5
If only 2 selections come in their dividends must multiply to $26
If only 3 selections come in their dividends must average $2.25.

Poker 6
If only 2 selections come in their dividends must multiply to $57.
If only 3 selections come in their dividends must average $3.10.
If only 4 selections come in their dividends must average $1.85.


Bet types
Win, Place and Quinella are the only bet types available for a Poker Bet.

Races must be at least 15 minutes apart
In order to ensure that your dividend from one race is correctly re-invested on your next race, all races in your Poker bet must be scheduled to run at least 15 minutes apart.  This should not be a factor for New Zealand races but for some overseas meetings, (especially those that encompass more than one racetrack) do have races scheduled closer than 15 minutes.

Scratchings or Abandoned Races
Any refund due to a Scratching or Race Abandonment will be re-invested in the same manner as a dividend.

Re-investment does not occur e.g due to an enquiry
Re-investment can not occur until a result is confirmed and dividends paid.  Where an enquiry or other delay prevents dividends from being paid, then re-investment on the following race(s) may not occur.  When the result is finally confirmed and dividends paid then re-investment will skip any closed races, and continue on to any remaining races that are still open for betting. 

Payment of Dividends and Refunds in respect of Poker bets
Any Dividend or Refund on Poker bets will not be available for payment until either an Order for Payment is received or an order for abandonment has been made for all Races in the Poker bet.

Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact TAB Customer Services:

New Zealand Racing Board
PO Box 38899
Wellington Mail Centre 5045
Email: [email protected]  
Tel: 0800 102 106

All bets placed are subject to the Rules of the New Zealand Racing Board, a copy of which is available for viewing from any TAB Store.