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Aussie Rules

Head to Head
Our simplest and most popular Sport betting option. Head to Head gives you the chance to pick which of the two teams in a particular match will eventually win.

In the event of a draw, your Head to Head bet is still not considered a losing bet. Because no draw is offered in Head to Head for Aussie Rules, your bet will receive half the dividend that you would have otherwise received if your team had won the match.

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Total Combined Points
This option allows you to pick how many points will be scored in a particular match. The Bookies will provide a number, called a line. You can then decide whether you think the total points scored will be Under or Over that line.

For example, the Bookies might provide a line of 168.5 points. If the total points scored in that particular match is 168 or less, all bets on Under 168.5 would be paid out. Likewise, if the total points scored in that particular match was 169 or more, Over 168.5 would be paid out.  

Points Start
The Points Start option outlines how many points the Bookies think separate the two teams in a particular match. You can then decide if a team is likely to do better than the Bookies have predicted.

For example, in the 2015 AFL Grand Final, the Hawthorn were considered 9-10 point favourties over the West Coast Eagles.

The Points Start option therefore appeared as:

Hawthorn Hawks -9.5
West Coast Eagles +9.5

Note: the Points Start includes a half point to eliminate the possibility of a draw and therefore guarantee a payout to Punters.

Punters who thought Hawthorn would win by 10 points or more backed Hawthorn -9.5. Punters who thought West Coast would prevent Hawthorn from winning by 10 points or more backed West Coast +9.5. In the end, the final score was Hawthorn 107 West Coast 61 – a winning margin of 46 points for Hawthorn. Therefore, Hawthorn -9.5 was resulted as the winning selection.

Here’s another way to look at it: The Points Start option attempts to even the market. In theory, the favourite should beat the Points Start 50% of the time, with the opposite also occurring 50% of the time. The selections within Points Start can either (i) take points away from a team’s final score or (ii) add points to a team’s final score.

Using the example above, if you took Hawthorn -9.5 this selection would take 9.5 points off Hawthorn’s final score. That means you would need Hawthorn to win by 10 points or more for this to be a winning bet.

If you took West Coast +9.5 this selection would add 9.5 points to West Coast’s final score. That means you would need West Coast to avoid losing by 10 points or more for this to be a winning bet. As Hawthorn won by 46 points they easily won by 6 points or more so Hawthorn -9.5 was the winning selection.

Winning Team & Margin
With the Winning Team & Margin you can not only predict which team will win a particular match, but also the margin of their victory.

There are two Winning Team & Margin options offered on Aussie Rules.

The five selections in Winning Team and Margin are:
Home team by 40 & Over
Home team by 39 & Under 
Away team by 39 & Under
Away team by 40 & Over

The five selections in Winning Team and Margin (2) are:
Home team by 25 & Over
Home team by 24 & Under 
Away team by 24 & Under
Away team by 25 & Over

These are very popular bet types as they pay much higher dividends than the Head to Head.

Halftime Points Start
This option works on the basis of the Points Start option, as outlined above, however applies to the first half only.

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